May 23, 2018

Anthony Manzon

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Anthony Manzon

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I never had a full time job before selling real estate, as I was a professional break dancer. I owe a lot of my real estate success to my breakin’ career. In breakin’, I learned discipline and hard work. Success was never going to be given to me. I use this same approach in real estate. The most important thing breakin’ has taught me is to always be myself and I will attract the people and clients that I enjoy working with. In San Diego, I am known as “The Break Dancing Agent.” At open houses, I bring my boombox, play old school music, and dance. Clients love that I am professional and that I am being myself. When I learned to incorporate my natural personality with professionalism, my business exploded.

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Team Leader | Keller Williams Realty - Team Manzon | Chula Vista, Calif. | | Age: 28 | 2016 Team Sales Volume: $22.6 million | 2016 Team Sides: 51

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