August 27, 2014

All’s Fair in Politics and Online Voting

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All’s Fair in Politics and Online Voting

This year’s 30 Under 30 Web Choice winner proved she can get more votes than even the most famous of political heavyweights.
30 Under 30

If there were a contest and the likely winner was a toss-up between Ginger Vereen and Sarah Palin — our money would be on Vereen. After all, she can get more votes.

Vereen, named to the 2014 class of 30 Under 30, soared to victory in the online voting for Web Choice winner with a showing that bested last year’s winner — who happened to have the backing of the one-time Republican vice-presidential candidate. Kristi Tanner Mock, the 2013 Web Choice winner, garnered 2,844 votes after Palin, a family friend and former client, vouched for her in a social media campaign calling for votes for Mock.

But Vereen came out on top this year with 3,014 votes, all thanks to her own sphere of influence and savvy marketing efforts — and no support from a powerhouse politician.

Vereen was lucky to have the support of her local and state REALTOR® associations, as well as Keller Williams offices helping to publicize the Web Choice voting. But she saw a big impact from her own marketing campaign.

“I planned and implemented a weeklong e-mail campaign, delivering varied messages using my database and social media to communicate with clients, friends, and contacts, requesting their support by voting for me,” she said.

But this was far more than a simple click-and-send campaign. Vereen created videos that she sent to her circle of friends, family, coworkers, and clients, expressing her personality and giving thanks for their support.

Some of the videos were a little spicy:

And some were adorable:

“The videos and e-mails created were both humorous and sincere, meant to inform everyone just how much I appreciate them and also thank my clients, friends, contacts, and coworkers for their recognition of my work,” Vereen says. “I included videos that featured my twin nieces, Becca and Liz, my coworkers, members of the community, and past clients. Because I stay in constant communication with my sphere — both on and offline — it made enlisting their help a feasible task.”

Making it into the 30 Under 30, as well as winning the Web Choice contest, was a personal goal Vereen had for herself for a long time, she says.

“The fact that people took time out of their busy schedules to vote for me is humbling and extremely overwhelming,” Vereen says. “I am graced, fortunate, and privileged to have received this amount of support.”

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